Have you ever thought about the incredible opportunities in Africa?  Could Africa be the place that we find adventure and wealth?  Forget about the adventure, this is a business proposal!


We go to Africa to be merchants and share a bit of our profit in the community in which we prosper. The primary product will be rough industrial diamonds. Our principle interest is in industrial diamonds of lower quality which few dealers are interested in. Therefore there is less competition for these diamonds which allows us a significant purchase price advantage. 


_Our sole customer during the establishment of our network will be my friend and instructor, Kenneth Glasser. Kenneth is one of the most successful industrial diamond traders in the world with over 35 years of experience. He is a charter member of the New York Diamond Club with homes in Las Vegas and Jerusalem.


__Mr. Glasser has a network of customers through which he assures me we can market $3,000,000.00 per month of industrial diamonds.     


With shipment to Mr. Glasser and insurance via DHL from either Kinshasa, the capitol city in the DR Congo or via DHL in either Lubumbashi or Johannesburg, South Africa allowing me to remain in Africa as a permanent  agent. Mr. Glasser will ‘purchase’ our diamonds and return our proceeds to our account within 48 hours of receiving the parcel.   With diligent evaluation of the diamonds by me in Africa, we will realize a profit of 200-300% on each parcel sent to Mr. Glasser.


        A total investment. Of $80,000.00        $30,000 as travel expense and transportation investment with the remaining $50,000.00 as investment capital for diamonds.


The diamond trading is not structured and is being presented with a single owner,              Larry Rosenthal


There are other options in this opportunity which do not require investment at this time as listed below.

There is Gold and Colton in abundance plus many other precious and semi-precious minerals.


My proposal is that my partners can keep their investment earning profit or withdraw it at any time.


The financial projections are quite simple.  There are plenty of diamonds and if we turn our inventory every month with 100% profit (very conservative) our investment doubles every month.  Within 2-3 months we will be shipping parcels every 10 days or less and with diligent buying our profit will be over 100% for each parcel.


To assure us of a sustainable position in the DR Congo we are also operating a medical, educational, agricultural mission.  Through the Catholic Diocese in Katonga Province we have a clinic building to operate the medical aspect of our mission.  Dr. Yvonne Lawson- Thomas RN, BS, MPH, MD, CLNC is our liaison with the medical community, worldwide.  Dr. Thomas is the founder and director of the International Medical Training Association.  When we can accurately determine our needs she will provide the supplies and equipment needed for our clinic and through the U of M graduate medical students as staff with qualified MD’s to supervise.

Doctor Andrew Lucking, as Homeopathic doctor with a PHD in Hospital Administration will be the director of the medical component.  He will also organize our neighbors to gather homeopathic herbs for export providing income and work.

Troy Thomas, retired US Army Ranger will be my assistant and also organize the gathering of wild cocoa and the introduction of domestic cocoa through grafting to the existing mature cocoa bush.  He will also introduce premium coffee to the eco-system which will start a 5 year project to market this premium coffee.

The Rain Forest Alliance is looking forward to working with us on these and other projects including Sustainable Forestry.  They have been very helpful in directing us to their various protocols concerning rain forest maintenance and harvesting.

Additional agricultural opportunities are many and varied.  In particular is rice production.  While the Congo was a Belgium Colony, the area we will work in was a major rice producer.  That infra-structure has lain fallow for over 25 years waiting for a minimum investment and the introduction of modern strain and techniques for rice production in Africa.

There is so much offered in the DR Congo!  It has the second largest Rain Forest in the world.  Our position in the Maniema District places us on the verge of this rain forest and the savannah bordering Lake Tanganyika.  There is a working railroad in our area for transportation to market and labor force eager to work.

The educational component of our project has not yet evolved beyond being one of our commitments to assure us of a sustainable presence.  EVERYONE MUST BENEFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanking you in advance for your consideration


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